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How do you take out GoodStart tenants insurance?

It is very simple:

  1. Find out the surface area of your apartment
  2. Specify whether it is furnished or not
  3. Tell us the value of your belongings (explanatory video)
  4. We provide you with a simulation. During the following stages, provide us with your contact details and you will receive information about your insurance by email.   You will subsequently receive your policy documents by post within a few days.
How do you sign up to GoodStart if you are already insured elsewhere?

First of all you must cancel your policy with your current insurer:

  • By registered letter
  • At least one month before the main expiry date of the policy (normally annual)

NB: When you arrange your GoodStart coverage, you can select your new expiry date and the date when the policy comes into effect.

If you do not fully understand what is being offered, how can you get more information?
You can contact a Bâloise Group agent or a GoodStart advisor:

Certain criteria do not meet your needs ?
Contact an agent who will help you find insurance that meets your needs.
What are the most frequent risks that GoodStart insures?
Damage to your possessions and/or those of your landlord:

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Breakage of cooking hob
  • Damage to window or glass door

Damages caused to others (if you have taken out Third-party liability coverage):

  • If you sit on a friend’s spectacles
  • If you have pushed a friend into the swimming pool with his/her telephone in his/her pocket
In the event of problems, what is your GoodStart assistance?
In the case of a problem or accident for which you are sure, make a call for us to take the situation in charge.


  • In case of fire: moving and provision of temporary accommodation.
  • In case of theft, loss of key, damage to the lock: intervention of a locksmith
    • Please note: this is not applicable if the keys are left inside the apartment

Number of assistance: (+352)294 141

In the event of a claim, how is the compensation calculated?
Three concepts of value:
  • Replacement cost: the amount payable to obtain the same item new
  • Actual value: replacement cost, less a percentage for depreciation assessed by an expert
  • Residual value: replacement cost less a percentage for depreciation applied annually (the value of an item cannot go below 20% of the replacement cost)
For furniture:
  • Replacement cost for 3 years
  • Then actual value

For clothes and household linen:

  • Actual value

For multimedia equipment (PC and laptop, television, Hi-Fi system etc):

  • Replacement cost for 1 year
  • Then 20% depreciation per annum
Does GoodStart insure your jewellery and valuable items?

Unfortunately, your collections and any precious items (>€500) are not covered by GoodStart. However, the sum of €500 in cash in your apartment is covered. Fortunately, we have a whole range of tailor-made products to meet your most specific insurance needs.   Find out more:

How and when can I cancel my GoodStart policy?
All terminations must be carried out by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to this address: 23 rue du Puits Romain, L-8070 Bertrange. You can terminate your policy without penalty and without giving a reason in the following circumstances:

  1. Up to 14 days from taking out the policy (only for online sales)
  2. Up to the date notified on your annual statement (or 30 days before the expiry date if no date “n” is specified)
Apart from during these periods, there are 3 reasons for immediate termination, with reimbursement for the period of the policy not elapsed and without penalty:
  • Change of principal residence address:
    • Request by email
    • Documentation to be provided: new rental agreement or other documents to prove the change of address
  • Moving abroad:
    • Request by email
    • Documentation to be provided: declaration of departure supplied by the communal administration
  • Death
    • Request by email by habilitated person
    • Documentation to be provided: death certificate

Email address: contrat.rstd@baloise.lu

Are your co-tenants covered by the GoodStart Third-party liability coverage?

Your co-tenants are only covered if you have a family relationship (including: spouse, partner or partner in a civil solidarity agreement) or if he/she/they live(s) with you free of charge.

If your co-tenants do not fall into these categories, he/she/they must contact your allocated agent in order to take out a third-party liability policy in their own name.

Is third-party liability coverage tax deductible?
Yes, third-party liability coverage is tax deductible! This is subject to your not having reached the limit of deductible expenses, which amounts to €672 per person per annum

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