Your GoodStart tenants insurance coverage


GoodStart tenants insurance protects you with coverage from Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg

Taking out tenants insurance can sometimes be an administrative nightmare. This is why Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg has developed GoodStart, the first online insurance for apartments tenants with comprehensive coverage.

Because your time is important to us, GoodStart enables you as a Luxembourg tenant to 
sign up in less than 10 minutes for your tenants insurance.

We determine the annual price of your tenants insurance based on the surface area of your apartment and the value of your belongings.

Your GoodStart insurance includes all the classic coverage of a Bâloise Luxembourg Group home insurance policy – Luxembourg’s third largest insurer – with Bâloise Luxembourg being the company that issues your policy. Bâloise assistance is available 24/7 in the event of a claim.

Your GoodStart tenants insurance for apartments thus gives you the following classic coverage:

  • Fire and similar incidents (fire, explosion, implosion, lightning, electrical damage, the release of smoke or soot).
  • Weather or natural events (storm, hail, snow, icing up of pipes inside the building, overflow of sewers).
  • Attacks, employment disputes, property damage.
  • Water damage (leakage, breakage, overflow, infiltration, accidental collapse of containers such as an aquarium or water mattress).
  • Breakage of glass, windows and mirrors.
  • Theft, attempted theft, vandalism (breaking and entering, scaling, improper use of keys, violence, threats, illegal entry or entry by ruse).
  • Third-party liability” coverage and “Legal protection” coverage for insured assets.
  • Furniture away from the apartment (personal effects for trips/journeys (max. 3 months), at the new place of residence when moving (30 days), attacks on the individual).
  • Assistance at home in the event of a claim.
In addition to the classic coverage included in GoodStart home insurance policies, you can also take out our supplementary third-party liability cover as well as our multimedia and leisure item coverage.

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